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Vacuum More Often
Carpet is a great air filter. Dust and dirt will naturally be caught in the fibers of carpet. Regular vacuuming will remove a lot of this dirt. A lot of this dirt will fall through the carpet and not come back up. Have you ever noticed how you do not get the Dust bunnies floating around on a carpeted floor but you will get dust bunnies forming after just a day or two if you have hard surface floors. The carpet absorbs dust and if you do not vacuum regularly it will end up in the carpet.

What is most important factor in your Carpet Cleaning?

5 parts of cleaning a carpet. Chemicals, dwell time, agitation, heat, The Technician. In my opinion if the equipment if functioning properly and the technician is knowledgeable on how to work his equipment the most important factor in getting your carpet clean is the Technician.

20% of dirt is Sticky

Several studies have shown that around 20% of the dirt in most carpets is sticky and will attach to the carpet making it look dirty. The other 80% is dry and will easily come up by vacuuming if it is still on top of the carpet. If the dry dirt has dropped to the bottom of the carpet you will not get it out of the carpet without removing the carpet and using a Rug Badger or similar tool. You cannot get enough airflow and suck to get dirt from the bottom of the carpet back up through the top layer. What carpet cleaners are cleaning is the 20% of the sticky dirt that sticks to the fibers and changes the color of the carpet.
Different Carpet Cleaning Methods
There are several Carpet Cleaning Methods. The two main types are Hot Water Extraction and Very Low Moisture.
Hot Water Extraction

This has become the most popular type of carpet cleaning. It is also known as Steam cleaning.

The most common method of HWE is to prespray the carpet with a cleaning solution then agitate the solution into the carpet. If the carpet is not very dirty often the agitation step is skipped. The cleaning solution is often allowed to dwell (5 to 20 minutes) on the carpet. Then the carpet is rinsed with water or with a water and a neutralizing chemical. Carpet Pre spray is usually done with a powerful cleaner. It is mixed into a sprayer and then sprayed lightly in the cleaner areas and heavier on traffic lanes and dirty areas of the carpet.

Spot Cleaning of Carpets

Often something will be spilled on the a carpet that will cause a spot. Coffee, Coke, Mustard, Koolaid, and any food will usually create a spot.

Markers, Ink, paint, cosmetics, and Grease are a different type of spot that usually needs a different spotter to clean.

Red Stains are some of the toughest stains to get up. If the dye is hard set into an unprotected carpet you will probably not be able to get a red stain out.

VLM Definition

Very Low Moisture cleaning normally refers to cleaning a carpet with either a 175 rpm floor buffer, a Cimex, or an OP (Oscillating Pad) machine.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning normally refers to using a 175rpm Floor machine. The Cotton pad that is often used with these is where Bonnet Cleaning gets it’s name.

There is a large national chain of carpet cleaners (Chem Dry) that has based their system on Bonnet cleaning with a 175 rpm machine.



The Cimex is a unique twist on the rotating head cleaner. It has three small heads that counter rotate to the direction of the main disk. It appears to be a regular floor buffer but the action on the carpet is totally different. This unit is very popular in commercial cleaning.

OP Pad

The OP machine looks a lot like the 175 floor machine but has a totally different action. The base of the unit vibrates and rapidly rotates in little small circles and rotates in a large circle also. It is very deceptive as to how much work it is doing. It works very well on some carpets like Sculpted Berbers and Berbers in general.

Wick Backs

Wick backs are a problem with most carpets, more so with carpets that are not installed over a pad. Especially with HWE you can sometimes clean a carpet and the spot will be gone. As the carpet dries the spot will come back. What is happening is the dampness in the carpet is wicking up the carpet fiber and bringing the stain back up the fiber and into view. Both Bonnet Cleaning methods and OP methods have very few wickback issues.

Pet Issues

Normally with small Pet Urine issues you can soak the area with the same amount of Urine cleaner, let soak for 20 to thirty minutes and then extract. If an area has been severely abused by a pet over and over the pad and sub floor will be contaminated. To solve this normally you will have to pull up the rug, replace the pad, paint over the sub floor with a special sealer. Sometimes you will have to replace the carpet also.


Encapsulated Cleaning

There are new cleaning agents available that are called Encapsulating. What these chemicals do is break the dirt’s bond with the carpet and dry to a flake. This flake is then easy to separate from the carpet with normal vacuuming. These chemicals were developed for the VLM cleaners but usually work well with HWE also.

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